The Harrison Group has access to an experienced and knowledgeable network of attorneys, accountants, business-valuation experts, property and casualty insurance brokers, health-care professionals and retirement-plan administrators. We take great pride in these relationships and the value they bring to our clients.

In addition, because of our reputation and experience, we have been invited into formal alliances with accounting firms, banks, and investment managers that allow them to call upon us when our expertise is required to help their clients.

We have another important relationship – with PartnersFinancial, an association of independent, elite financial firms such as ours – that provides extraordinary advantages to our clients. Through this alliance, we have access to a national capability, great buying power, and the ability to avail ourselves of the group’s technical expertise and services – benefits we can leverage to bring even greater value to our clients.  This relationship also helps us to favorably acquire life insurance for people with health impairments – something that has become a major focus of our business.

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