What should you be thinking about in light of COVID-19?

  • Financial and estate planning – don’t put it off, do it now and when you start, finish. Bad things happen and it’s smart to have documents in place to be sure your wishes are realized.
  • Gifting – whether outright or to fund a life insurance trust – very attractive in light of the current high exemption level, which might soon be reduced.
  • Life insurance – to relieve fear and insecurity. A great lifeboat for those who worry for loved ones, carry debt or want to secure their legacy. No market risk. No interest rate risk.
  • Long-term care – this is the elephant in the room. The need for care is increasingly likely, the cost enormous and it’s the one thing that can erase retirement dreams and evaporate assets. We have several clients going on claim as I write this and the insurance is a lifesaver in each case.
  • Fixed annuities – for those feeling nauseous from stock market volatility and unhappy with bank instruments at a barely positive yield, consider this option for your safe, quiet money. We have clients now earning 3% guaranteed for 5 years, no sales charges and no income tax unless or until you withdraw the money.

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